Monday, 25 May 2009

Evening everyone,hope your all keeping well! OMG it's been one of those days!I haven't stopped lol. I've 8 orders four of which are Bookatrix's so i'll be kept busy thats for sure lol. I do have something i want to get off my chest. The other day when i handed out awards i really was really pleased with myself! Thing is a couple of them haven't even been accepted, not even acknowleged tbph. I know to hardened bloggers they are probably boring but to a newbie they are exciting, to not even acknowledge you have been given one is really disheartening. I'm feeling a little dejected, it kind of makes me feel as if i'm not good enough to be handing them out. I was talking to a friend last night and they even mentioned it, that got me thinking "ok it's not just me then" Maybe my work isn't up to some people's standards, maybe i'm not as successfull as some, maybe my cards aren't drop dead gorgeous, maybe i'm not in with the same clique but i never imagined that would be a problem, i had assumed we were all here for the same thing? To learn, Grow and not least support and encourage each other. I've been making cards for a long time and i'm quite successfull at it i earn money doing it, enjoy making them and most of all put a smile on my customers faces making cards and keepsakes makes me happy to know that it will be cherished for life. Maybe i'm bieng a bit too sensitive about it, it certainly wouldn't be the first time i've got the wrong end of the stick. It just would have been nice for a thanks for thinking of me, i don't expect anyone to put the award on their blog, not everyone's taste is the same but to completly ignore the fact you were given one and not mention it at all is a little unfair it means so much to most. So here's my promise i will NEVER ignore an award, NEVER ignore a comment, NEVER ignore a request, thats a promise. anyway off my soap box now and back to my normal chirpy self, Tash xxxx


  1. Oh Tash, I had alot of mixed emotions reading from your heart. I would like to have emailed you personally but i feel i have to say this here. I for one think your work is TRULY BEAUTIFUL as i said...I had to come and find you and searched blogs that you had left comments on so i could click on your name...I know you become a follower on my blog but hen i clicked on your pic it just showed me a few of your recent activities and not your link. i went and I finally found you (didnt even think to go into my profile 'Derr' lol )

    I too feel hurt sometimes but then i think there are absolutely 1000's of bloggers that are out there. Everyday is a teaching process and as you know the saying goes ' each day we learn something new ' doesn't always mean it's not going to be something that hurts...but we learn from it. I have stopped my freebie fridays for near same reasons, they're my designs that i would spend my time making for others for not even a thank you. So...I've learned from it. If anything causes you a problem change the game plan. I now only look after those that look after me & even though I love to make new friends everyday & would give my heart to that friend..I still sit on the fence for that wee while just waiting for something to hurt me. Your blog is 'YOUR' Blog and if others havn't the time to pop in and leave a comment or say they have been then we cannot please evryone all of the time as you will know this. I think you're a lovely warm hearted person and only out to care for others, alot like myself and few bloggers i know. I am pretty new at blogging and i love it when i have new comments. I always think its fair to reciprecate the kind gesture even if i never hear from them again.

    God Bless you sweetheat. YOU have a FRIEND in's there if you want it.

    Hugs and care

  2. Bless you, your an absolute angel! Tbh i think it's very upsetting to a new comer, i certainly won't be letting it get to me just wanted to voice my opinion on it as it's just mean lol, Each to their own though. Sad really especially when someone is doing something nice and going out of their way to do it and they don't even have the good grace to thank you, Anyway you sit on that fence as long as you like hun, i'm not one to let people down, Hugs, Tash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx