Friday, 8 May 2009

Hello!! Well no orders today, you know how i said i can play with my new toys today? and you'll also know what happens when you spend 4 days solid days crafting and have 3 teens and a man (with the mental age of 3!) living with you? Thats right the house looks like the Dingles have moved in! So no playing just cleaning grrrr, But i won't despair theres always tomorrow lol, untill something else comes up of course!
All orders were collected and they went down well, it doesn't matter how long i've been craftng for or how well my customers may know me i STILL feel that little flicker in my tummy that they won't like them. Thankfully noone has yet turned around and said "i hate it" even though i've made it clear that i won't be offended by it, i'd be more offended if they weren't honest with me and complained after they left, everyones taste is different after all.
I'm going to go blog hopping lol, tbh i've been looking at the blogs for yrs but never had the guts to do my own especially when you look at some of them IE All the things i love, i drool on there it's embarassing!! lol. I was talking to another blogger (Blinkiefairy-glitterhappy thanks hun x) who told me to go for it so here i am!
Anyway my blog is far too quiet please please leave a comment not like i'm begging or anything :) Tash x
PS: Piccies to follow!

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