Friday, 22 May 2009

Wow!!!! Look what i just first award! How chuffed am i??? Tons thats how much. My friend
Cathy Gave it to me, thank you so much hunni it's really cheered up a wk thats been total pants.
Now if i have it right i have to give this to at least 7 people who i think are special, i'll do that in a seperate post. I've also got to tell you 10 absolutly honest things about me....Uh oh this could get ugly!! Hee hee Ok here we go.
Number 1: I suffer from a very painfull disability called Fibromyalgia.
2: I'm totally addicted to a very popular shopping site and spend all my pennies there every week i rarely go out so don't "shop"
3: I have a daughter with a very severe heart condition she's had open heart surgery twice and still more to go. We've nearly lost her several times.
4: I'm actually English but moved here nearly 10 yrs ago, glad i did!!
5: I also cross stitch but cardmaking has taken over again! And i've not picked it up for 7 months :(
6: My children are my life...literally. I'm lucky to have them as i lost several babies three bieng stillborn.
7: I used to be a psychiatric nurse for my sins...and it definatly shows. Mick my DH thinks i'm "off my head" as he says lol
8: I'm tee total, it would be practically suicide with all the meds i'm on!
9: My absolute dream is to be a card designer, Doing what i love for a living!
10: I love playing practical jokes, i'm extremly mischevious and laugh at everything and anything, not always a good thing as it can get me into trouble.
Right thats it i think i'm not very complicated nor boring!! Sorry if i've bored you into a coma, now it's safe to wake up now!


  1. well done on your award tasha you deserve it your blogs brill keep up the good work hun and i am always about for a chat if you need me xx

  2. Tasha sweetheart. I need to just give you such a BIG hug. Reading all the above has moved me immensly. I have such a sensitive heart and I admire your ongoing courage. We sound very alike infact. I too laugh at anything and everything and can get us into trub lol.

    Your cards are so beautifully thought out and I hope and pray your dreams come true!

    Thank you so much for becoming a follower of my lil blog. I have now become a follower of yours too and i will be popping over to see what you make and say howdie!

    Luv n hugs sweetheart.

    Speak soon I hope