Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wrap it up

Hi everyone just a quick post as i'm heading out, will be back soon though. This card is for 365 challenge and they wanted you to use wrapping paper easy! i'm always using it so here's the card. Tash x

Monday, 29 June 2009


Right last one for tonight, this is a combo it was an order but i'm also going to put it in for the House Mouse challenge. It's another 3d image, the paper were a freebie that i got with a magazine yrs ago, some lovely lemon grosgrain ribbon and 2 buttons, it's an awful pic but i just couldn't get it right, this is the best of about 11 lol.....once again i must sort my camera out!

Hugs, Tash

Boy Bear

Ok this next one is cute! And Vera (customer) loved it which was great, it's another 3d image as she loves them but i was a bit sly and only used the base hee hee, these two papers are........yeah you got it DIGITAL!!! lol again i've used the fiskars punch, some lovely ribbon and finished with a sentiment.

Tash x


Evening everyone, hope you've all had a good day. It's been lovely and warm here, no time to enjoy it though i'm afraid! I've done 3 orders today! I'm not going to faff about tonight with a long post after last nights, plus i've 3 cards to post lol. This first one is an order for a baby girl, i've used an Eline 3d image they are uber cute! I've used my swiis dots folder, fiskars punch, pink gems and gorgeous pink gingham ribbon, Hope you like it!

Tash xx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Woj Challenge

Here's my entry for this weeks Whiff of Joy Challenge, I've used K&co & Doodlebug papers, my lovely new Martha Stewart punch!!! Some ribbon from Papermania, a printed sentment, purple gems & a purple pearl for the center of one of the Prima Hydrangeas and finally a rose bud. I've decorated the inside too which i love doing. Tashxx

Forever in Love

Right onto more cheerful things, here is this weeks entry into A Spoonfull Of Sugar Challenge the theme was weddings, and omg the DT's cards were awesome! No way i can match them but i've done my best lol. Yeah before anyone asks these are digital papers!! I love them, as well as this gorgeous image! again it's watercolored, added some flowers, popped on some pearls and hey presto. Apologies for the bad pic i must get my memory card for my camera!

Any opinions?, Tash xxxx

Sad Days

Afternoon everyone, it's been a horrid few days here. We lost a wee 10 yr old boy on thursday in our local River (3 mins away from me). We heard the sirens and initially thought the mountains were ablaze again as it's a constant problem during hot/warm weather. We soon realised that there were far too many and they were too close. I tried phoning both daughters Chloe (who had told me she was going down to the river) was at the beach but i couldn't get hold of Brooke so started getting a little worried, Jay said he would ride up to the main street on his bike to see if he could find her for me, my tummy was turning we knew that whatever had happened was serious and very close. I live in a village so it's a small community and everyone knows everyone. My nerves were shot! 10 Mins later Brooke and Jay came in sobbing, A wee lad Daniel had been swimming in our local river along with most of the children in the village just like they have for generations. Sadly he slipped into a notorious deep hole that has taken young lives before, two neighbours jumped in to save him but it was too deep and they couldn't reach him. He was down there for 20 mins untill the rescue services arrived, a fireman (ironically from Hilltown) Jumped in but he got into difficulty too, apparently theres a whirlpool and sinking sand at the bottom. In the end they had to form a chain of rescuers to get them both out, Daniel was rushed to our local hospital and after an hr and half of tirelessly working on him the medical staff finally got a pulse, they transfered him to the childrens hospital but sadly he died at 2am. I can't begin how to explain the feelings and mood of the village it's like one of your own has gone. He was adorable gorgeous blue eyes, dark skin and a stunning smile. My children helped with consoling his sister who they are good friends with, and spent every day till the funeral at the wake, it was open casket which has scared a lot of the younger ones including my Jay, but they will get used to it i suppose, i think it's more the fact he was such a young age. Jay has taken to wearing his cross again to keep him safe bless him.

The funeral was yesterday and it goes without saying his Mum and Dad are distraught. I just hope they can find some peace, i couldn't imagine what they are feeling, I wish them a huge amount of love. Despite only bieng 10 Daniel touched so many lives. RIP Daniel xxxxx

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

French Country Blue

Helllooo, Gosh what a scorcher!!! It's so warm over here but it's lovely! My feet have swollen to the max again and i've no get up and go but hell who cares it's summer yay!!! Fingers crossed it lasts a while, my washings on the line, windows wide open, smell of fresh cut grass, sound of birds and kiddies playing......awesome, i'm loving it!

Brookes hand is very sore still but then she refuses to take her painkillers the toerag! She's coping so can't badger her too much i suppose and lets face it no-one likes taking tablets all the time.

I had another order to do so thought i'd try and do something summery! This card feels like french country to me, maybe i'm just nuts but hey ho, the papers another digital one! lol, the stamp is a see d's which i never use so at least it's seen the light of day for this year at least! Used my nesties to stamp it onto, some gorgeous blue lace i have and some pearls, think this one is a love it or hate it one tbh, at first i loved it now i'm not so sure. Tough now though it's finished and gone to the customer who loved it, she's happy at least!

Tash xxx

Saturday, 20 June 2009


This next one is for a wedding, once the customer came to collect it she was amazed as the colours are the same as the wedding! Lol

I've use cream pearl card and used my D'vine swirls CB folder on it, this is an image from a disc a friend made up for me yrs ago, used my nesties to frame it, black organza and cream pearls.

Hope you like it, Tash x


Hi all!! Had a really busy day! First of all my DD Brooke (otherwise known as wise a**) came flying in the house earlier stating "i need to go to Daisy Hill" (our nearest hospital!) She had been messing around with her friend and swung a punch (friendly eh?) missed completly and hit the wall! Her knuckle had disappeared, i had a peek and she flinched before i even touched her so it was obvious it was very painful, we took her down to A&E and after an hours wait the xray results were through thankfully it's not broken which amazed me (an ex nurse), the staff nurse and the doctor as we were pretty convinced otherwise. They have splinted it and sent us home, it's very badly bruised bless her. So i'm up and down the stairs (with my still fat feet!) checking on her. She was ordered to take her painkillers which in honesty she should be taking every 6 hrs anyway for her kidney and spine but never does, can't say i blame her i hate taking mine too but needs must. She's now sleeping like a baby thank god!

Ironically our eldest's Boyfriend arrived at lunchtime with a cast on, get this... he was working, fell and shunted two knuckles upwards .......ouch!!!! So when our daughter walked in with a non existent knuckle we were gobsmacked!

In between all that drama i have done some work lol dunno how! But orders were due so gotta keep it going i've not had one card free day in 3 1/2 wks! Not that i'm complaining of course.

This first one is a birthday card, it's for a lady in her latter years so i wanted to do something elegant. Once again i've used my Hero Arts Saliva stamp, i have to say i'm loving working with this one, i kept it monocramatic. Simple but graceful (hopefully!) Used some more digi paper, Textile CB folder and this lush Black picot edged ribbon that i've fell in love with, it's the first time i've used it as i'm so scared of running out, ridiculous as i can buy more lol, do anyone else do that too?

Tash x

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sugar Nellie

Last one for tonight, i've watercoloured this gorgeous Sugar nellie image, Again these papers are digital ones (i know i love them!) Some lovely vibrant blue ribbon and a button with some thread tied through it, perfect for those lil terrors! Tash xxxx

Bouncing Boy

I love this one! This is Elines decoupage, i've used some love blue and yellow gingham paper i found at the bottom of a bargain basket yrs ago, My fiskars border punch and nesties! Any opinions? Tashxxx

Elzybells Baby

Hiya! well it's been a busy few days and as i'm sitting typing this i'm surrounded by my craft stuff half way through a wedding card, i've had another big load of orders and it's keeping me well and truly busy!, They've been a lovely mix too, birthdays, promotion, births, christenings, weddings and anniversaries. So plenty of variety to keep me on my toes and stop me from getting bored! All my kids are now on their summer holidays, think it's 91/2 - 10 weeks this yr, most of them stop going after their exams, Last yr they had a wk left and the scholl sent them all home one day and told them not to come back till september as half of the pupils didn't bother going!

So it's going to be tough trying to keep them occupied, Chloe's 17 and generally amuses herself as far away from home as possible! Typical lol. Brooke (15) may as well move in with her friend as she spends all her time with her but at least she's happy! Now JJ is a different story altogether he's 13 and has ADHD, Trying to amuse him is difficult, thankfully he loves fishing with his dad so they will Probably end up down the river or up the Lake a lot of the time, if not i'll be bald by september from pulling all my hair out with frustration, he's my wee man but gets bored ultra quick as most kids do but with his condition it's 10 times worse, lately he's been doing silly things he shouldn't just out of pure boredom, thankfully the worst was smoking which we have been quick to nip in the bud. Boys eh? Gotta love 'em!

Anyway got a couple of cards to show the first is cute it's a stamp i use often, my Elzybells bundle, Some goreous gingham paper, nesties, flowers, ribbon, pearls and a gem make it a really simple card but i loved making it. I've watercoloured it as usual, hope you like it!

Friday, 12 June 2009


This next one serves as a double for me, it's a swap for one of the groups i'm a member of and the theme was for buttons and bows. I'm also putting it in for the Roses on Paper Challenge they wanted pink, yellow and green. this is one of my favourite colour combo's it's so fresh but can also have a vintage feel to it if you use the right materials. I Used some digital papers i have, and Anya stamp, some lovely lemon buttons and Pink satin ribbon, hope you like it!!


Ok this next one i love, i know thats something coming from me i'm never happy with my cards! Anyway i used textile CB embossing folder on the bottom half, My Nesties with plain white card and Silver Mirri, i love this ribbon it's nothing extravagant but i like the look of it and with the hearts it's perfect for a silver wedding anniversary. A lovely little heart embellishment, added some corner peel offs and done! Well i did have a wee hiccup with the Cuttlebug folder. I browsed the web looking for techniques on how to use the folders with my Bigshot, they all said to use MPP on tab 1, but it just wouldn't budge! So ended up having to use the MPP with no tabs, and it came out so crisp so no damaged done to my Baby (Bigshot) and got the card perfect, now i tend to use 300gsm card so i'm guessing that using Tab 1 and this thick card was just too much but i'll know for the future it's all trial and error but i have to say i had a bit of a cold sweat going for a while lol.

A Couple of New Cards

Hiya!!! Again a million apologies for taking way too much time out but i've been busy busy busy again, great for earning but terrible for trying to catch up on everything else!!

Hope you've all been ok, i've a few cards to post, this first one is for a 50th birthday, it was an order i got and had to knock it up within an hour! I' was sweating bullets, needless to say i won't be doing that agin lol. The paper is lush and is embossed with roses, i've used my Hero Arts Real Saliva stamp with some shadow ink, some black card and Antique gole satin ribbon. Sorry the pic is so pants, opinions please?

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Teddy in a Pot

Ok last one for tonight, This one is a bit lavish! It's once again a 3d image which is really cute! Lots and Lots of peel off corner and borders, Lovely Lilac and Silver Pearl cards And gorgeous purple organza ribbon.

Forever friends Bookatrix

I luuuurve this next one it's a forever friends 3d image, for some reason i always use 3d on these keepsakes, don't ask me why! I've used silver mirri card, and then lemon and pink pearl cards, lots of peel off borders and corners, lemon organza ribbon and some K&Co corners, it looks much better in real life! Real fresh

Crikey it's warm!

Hello everyone, well it's really really warm here. I'm loving it and Hating it all at the same time! Typical eh? I've really not been feeling too good the Fibro really does not like the heat. My legs are like Jelly and My feet are huge! Doesn't matter how long i have them up they won't go down, i've not seen my ankle for 4 days!!!! Even when i get up in the morning i still have fat feet!!

Anyhoo i've been busy..........as usual! Had a few orders and the three bookatrix's to do. Enjoyed doing them tbh just getting up and down to get what i needed was a pain as i'm moving at about 2.1 mile an hr lol.

The 3 Bookatrix's are for 3 very special young ladies my friend/customer has been looking after them for many yrs. They are all special needs and their disabilities vary quite a lot, one girl is 22 and the other 2 late teens, they are leaving Vera now as they have to move on. So Vera is heartbroken as she has had them since they were babies. She wanted something special and adores the Bookatrix's, she also wanted verses on them nothing sad and depressing but to acknowledge their leaving but to keep it cheery as they are moving on in their lives. I chose the best three verses i could and she loved them, i really could see how much the words were relevant bless her.

Anyway the first one is a 3d sheet of a large butterfly, I've used glitter and pearl cards, some gorgeous butterfly foil embossed acetate, organza ribbon, craft wire, Stickles and Liquid Pearls.