Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sad Days

Afternoon everyone, it's been a horrid few days here. We lost a wee 10 yr old boy on thursday in our local River (3 mins away from me). We heard the sirens and initially thought the mountains were ablaze again as it's a constant problem during hot/warm weather. We soon realised that there were far too many and they were too close. I tried phoning both daughters Chloe (who had told me she was going down to the river) was at the beach but i couldn't get hold of Brooke so started getting a little worried, Jay said he would ride up to the main street on his bike to see if he could find her for me, my tummy was turning we knew that whatever had happened was serious and very close. I live in a village so it's a small community and everyone knows everyone. My nerves were shot! 10 Mins later Brooke and Jay came in sobbing, A wee lad Daniel had been swimming in our local river along with most of the children in the village just like they have for generations. Sadly he slipped into a notorious deep hole that has taken young lives before, two neighbours jumped in to save him but it was too deep and they couldn't reach him. He was down there for 20 mins untill the rescue services arrived, a fireman (ironically from Hilltown) Jumped in but he got into difficulty too, apparently theres a whirlpool and sinking sand at the bottom. In the end they had to form a chain of rescuers to get them both out, Daniel was rushed to our local hospital and after an hr and half of tirelessly working on him the medical staff finally got a pulse, they transfered him to the childrens hospital but sadly he died at 2am. I can't begin how to explain the feelings and mood of the village it's like one of your own has gone. He was adorable gorgeous blue eyes, dark skin and a stunning smile. My children helped with consoling his sister who they are good friends with, and spent every day till the funeral at the wake, it was open casket which has scared a lot of the younger ones including my Jay, but they will get used to it i suppose, i think it's more the fact he was such a young age. Jay has taken to wearing his cross again to keep him safe bless him.

The funeral was yesterday and it goes without saying his Mum and Dad are distraught. I just hope they can find some peace, i couldn't imagine what they are feeling, I wish them a huge amount of love. Despite only bieng 10 Daniel touched so many lives. RIP Daniel xxxxx

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  1. Tasha i heard this on the news and came on here because i thought of you right away its all so sad god bless his poor family x