Tuesday, 23 June 2009

French Country Blue

Helllooo, Gosh what a scorcher!!! It's so warm over here but it's lovely! My feet have swollen to the max again and i've no get up and go but hell who cares it's summer yay!!! Fingers crossed it lasts a while, my washings on the line, windows wide open, smell of fresh cut grass, sound of birds and kiddies playing......awesome, i'm loving it!

Brookes hand is very sore still but then she refuses to take her painkillers the toerag! She's coping so can't badger her too much i suppose and lets face it no-one likes taking tablets all the time.

I had another order to do so thought i'd try and do something summery! This card feels like french country to me, maybe i'm just nuts but hey ho, the papers another digital one! lol, the stamp is a see d's which i never use so at least it's seen the light of day for this year at least! Used my nesties to stamp it onto, some gorgeous blue lace i have and some pearls, think this one is a love it or hate it one tbh, at first i loved it now i'm not so sure. Tough now though it's finished and gone to the customer who loved it, she's happy at least!

Tash xxx


  1. gorgeous card tash lovely papers and delish colour
    helen x

  2. I like the shades of blue.
    p.s. I'm also loving this gorgeous NI weather!

  3. Such an elegant card Tash...I love the pretty papers. Debbie x