Thursday, 18 June 2009

Elzybells Baby

Hiya! well it's been a busy few days and as i'm sitting typing this i'm surrounded by my craft stuff half way through a wedding card, i've had another big load of orders and it's keeping me well and truly busy!, They've been a lovely mix too, birthdays, promotion, births, christenings, weddings and anniversaries. So plenty of variety to keep me on my toes and stop me from getting bored! All my kids are now on their summer holidays, think it's 91/2 - 10 weeks this yr, most of them stop going after their exams, Last yr they had a wk left and the scholl sent them all home one day and told them not to come back till september as half of the pupils didn't bother going!

So it's going to be tough trying to keep them occupied, Chloe's 17 and generally amuses herself as far away from home as possible! Typical lol. Brooke (15) may as well move in with her friend as she spends all her time with her but at least she's happy! Now JJ is a different story altogether he's 13 and has ADHD, Trying to amuse him is difficult, thankfully he loves fishing with his dad so they will Probably end up down the river or up the Lake a lot of the time, if not i'll be bald by september from pulling all my hair out with frustration, he's my wee man but gets bored ultra quick as most kids do but with his condition it's 10 times worse, lately he's been doing silly things he shouldn't just out of pure boredom, thankfully the worst was smoking which we have been quick to nip in the bud. Boys eh? Gotta love 'em!

Anyway got a couple of cards to show the first is cute it's a stamp i use often, my Elzybells bundle, Some goreous gingham paper, nesties, flowers, ribbon, pearls and a gem make it a really simple card but i loved making it. I've watercoloured it as usual, hope you like it!

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