Saturday, 20 June 2009


Hi all!! Had a really busy day! First of all my DD Brooke (otherwise known as wise a**) came flying in the house earlier stating "i need to go to Daisy Hill" (our nearest hospital!) She had been messing around with her friend and swung a punch (friendly eh?) missed completly and hit the wall! Her knuckle had disappeared, i had a peek and she flinched before i even touched her so it was obvious it was very painful, we took her down to A&E and after an hours wait the xray results were through thankfully it's not broken which amazed me (an ex nurse), the staff nurse and the doctor as we were pretty convinced otherwise. They have splinted it and sent us home, it's very badly bruised bless her. So i'm up and down the stairs (with my still fat feet!) checking on her. She was ordered to take her painkillers which in honesty she should be taking every 6 hrs anyway for her kidney and spine but never does, can't say i blame her i hate taking mine too but needs must. She's now sleeping like a baby thank god!

Ironically our eldest's Boyfriend arrived at lunchtime with a cast on, get this... he was working, fell and shunted two knuckles upwards .......ouch!!!! So when our daughter walked in with a non existent knuckle we were gobsmacked!

In between all that drama i have done some work lol dunno how! But orders were due so gotta keep it going i've not had one card free day in 3 1/2 wks! Not that i'm complaining of course.

This first one is a birthday card, it's for a lady in her latter years so i wanted to do something elegant. Once again i've used my Hero Arts Saliva stamp, i have to say i'm loving working with this one, i kept it monocramatic. Simple but graceful (hopefully!) Used some more digi paper, Textile CB folder and this lush Black picot edged ribbon that i've fell in love with, it's the first time i've used it as i'm so scared of running out, ridiculous as i can buy more lol, do anyone else do that too?

Tash x

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